Family First St. Tammany Launches Effort To Recall Tape

St Tammany Coroner Christopher Tape RecallFamily First St. Tammany was formed with the sole purpose of recalling Dr. Christopher Tape. A dedicated group of volunteers, they were formed to remove Dr. Tape as Coroner, educate families, and keep sexual predators out of elected offices in Saint Tammany Parish.

Dr. Christopher Tape, forensic pathologist, qualified to run for St. Tammany Coroner in Fall of 2023. No one else qualified to run, therefore he walked into office without an official election, meaning our community lost the right to examine the candidate and speak for ourselves.

– 2001/2002: Dr. Christopher Tape was charged with 6 counts of sexual assault of a 7-year-old girl. The charges included whipping the young girl and rubbing her bare bottom to “check for welts” and making her pose suggestively while nude. The indictment was thrown out before trial due to a violation of a speedy trial caused by a backlog in the state of New Mexico.

– 2022: Most recently, he settled a sexual harassment claim made by a female employee at his Louisiana Forensic Center. The records were sealed at the request of the victim.

– 2024: Dr. Christopher Tape was scheduled to take office on March 25th and just four days prior, he sent a letter to the SANE nurses informing them that he was eliminating their sexual assault examination program and laying them off. This is a program ran by specially trained forensic exam nurses that service region 9, to include 5 parishes. Dr. Tape stated that he was turning over the program to the hospitals, which are not prepared to handle these examinations and were not informed in advance.

All elected officials in St. Tammany Parish and throughout the state stand together and have called for Dr. Tape to resign, which he stated he will not be doing.

Ultimately, Dr. Tape is not fit to hold the position of Coroner for St. Tammany Parish.

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